Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New School

Since I am now in Malaysia, I've to start new school which I was hoping not to do. After a month staying here, my mum searched for schools for all of us. It was a long journey but at long cast, we each had a school.

Mine : Sekolah Kebangsaan Jalan Empat Bandar Baru Bangi

Aqwa: Sekolah Menengah Jalan Dua Bandar Baru Bangi

Amir : Tadika Islam Antarabangsa UPM

Mama has also started her new job in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur while Abah remains in Serdang.


First of all I would like to give my MOST SINCERE apologies to all viewers that I haven't updated many events in this tiny blog. The reasons are that I haven't had a computer for a loooooonnngggggg time since my mum has finished work. The other reason is that I have been sooooooooooooooo busy I haven't managed to fit in any time. My third reason is a surprise! Scroll down and read what's underneath..........

THE day has finally arrived! On the 29th of April 2007, a lot of people came to my house to say Goodbye. One in which was my friend, Farah. She had to leave early and wasn't allowed to say last Goodbyes at the bus station. She was upset but we promised to keep in touch. Even though Farah didn't come at least my other friend, Afifah came. She didn't want me to go. I didn't either. She wanted to go to Malaysia.

We were all dropped off by 7 cars. Each of us seperated. Amir went with aunty Yus because he wanted to be with Nina I guess. Mama went with aunty Aqidah. Aqwa went with uncle Halikul. Abah went with uncle Shafie and I went with Afifah. Of course!

To cut the story short, we departured from Heathrow London international airport at 10:00am (London time), 30th July 2007, Monday, Gulf Air. From London, we transitted to Bahrain for about 7 hours! Then we continued our journey to MALAYSIA my beautiful beloved country!! We arrived at about 4:00pm (Malaysia time), 31st July 2007, Tuesday. I felt sooooooooooooo HAPPY and GRATEFUL! Nevertheless, i missed everything in Cardiff and the UK :( But I know I will come back to the UK one fine day be it for school or for leisure ;)

Till then!

Monday, May 28, 2007

A day out in Cardiff City Centre

Today, me and Amir and my mum went to town. It was really hard to find a parking but we found one in the end. We took lots of photos as well.
Me in front of Queens Arcade
We went in Queens Arcade and had a look at NEXT.
Me in front of NEXT
After that me and Amir saw the Disney Cardiff store. We went in for a bit only we spent an hour in there. I was just wondering around while mama and Amir had a look at the power rangers toys. Mama saw some flip-flops. She said she liked it and suggested I should buy it. It was £8.00 and a bit big for me. So I said, "No, thanks".
Amir started begging for this power rangers toy but mama still wouldn't let him buy it. I had another look around before we went to McDonalds and I saw a red fabric notebook. I remember Haiza's sister. She had a notebook signed by all her friends before she went to Malaysia. I told mama about it and she thought it was a good idea. She bought me the notebook and I'm happy! Thank you mama!
Suddenly, mama realised that Amir was gone! We looked around the store and finally we saw Amir coming to us from the power rangers shelves. Amir returned the power rangers toy. Pity Amir but I'm proud of him for listening to mama.

Just before entering McDonalds

Me and Amir chillin' after a day out in Cardiff City Centre

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Europe 2007

Me and my family were in Europe for two weeks on holiday, which was from 3/4/07 to 15/4/07.
We started our journey on the Norfolkline ferry from Dover, England to Dunkerque, France. The journey was about 2 hours which means 2 hours of sea- sickness, luckily I didn't puke. When we arrived in Dunkerque, Abah drove us to Brussels, Belgium where we then had a rest. We went to the Army museum and the monument of the independence of France. Then we went to Luxembourg and spent a night there.

The next day which was Wednesday the 4th of April, we went to Switzerland. First we went to Zurich city centre where Mama and Makngah bought some fridge magnets and post cards while the rest of us bought doughnuts and other things from the confectionary shop. On the way to Geneva, we stopped at Altdorf and had our lunch. We had sardine (my favourite) and nasi impit with kuah kacang. We watched the lake called Wierwaldstattr See. At Geneva city centre we took lots of pictures by the boat.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Aqwa in Hospital

What a coincidence! Aqwa went to hospital just after kak sawiyah.

Yesterday Aqwa played a football match with his team. On the second half Aqwa dribbled the ball and fell. He heard a crack from his knee and felt pain. Aqwa got sent home and mama massaged his knee with warm malaysian massage oil. Aqwa couldn't move his leg and said he thought it was broken. Mama didn't think it was broken just a sprain.

Early this morning Aqwa went to hospital with Abah to make sure it wasn't serious. They spent about 6 hours in the hospital and the news was bad. Aqwa broke his leg and has to stay in hospital overnight. Tomorrow they will opperate Aqwa to move and screw his knee bone into place, then he will spend 2 more days in hospital. Mama is very worried because the doctor said it will take 6 weeks for his bone to grow and this early April we are going to Europe so there's a possibility that Aqwa might not be able to go. This night Abah will stay in hospital with Aqwa. Tommorow after school me, Amir and Mama will visit Aqwa. I will upload the pictures then.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I met her again!

Do you remember Dr. Tengku? For those of you who do this is her mum. She came to Cardiff specially to see me! She came back to the U.K to support her daughter in Bristol who was taking a specialist exam. She stopped by in Cardiff so she could see me because it's been 2 years since I've seen her and her other daughter Dr. Tengku ( I stayed with them at the Park Inn Hotel before they left ). It was very nice of her to stop by. She gave me £5.00 before she went on her bus to Bristol! Thank you nenek!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Get well soon to kakak Dr Sawiyah

I just came back from the hospital where i visited kak Sawiyah who unfortunately had stomach ache and now she is staying in the hospital. She said she is doing well and hopefully she can come home soon.

It was a very confusing day today because first of all we took the wrong road and missed the hospital. So mama had to turn back and then we could not find the parking. Then we could not find a way to block A where kak Sawiyah was. Finally we found block A but we could not find her room. So we asked the nurse and she said kak Sawiyah was probably not on block A. Mama insisted that kak Sawiyah was in block A and the nurse asked for her last name. Mama gave her last name and she told us the way.

When we entered kak Sawiyah's room, she looked very tired but beautiful and welcome us. Then mama and kak Sawiyah had a chat. She gave me and Amir some chocolate. We gave her a card and a bunch of flowers. She had this really cool bed that moves up and down by touch of a button and, i told mama that i wanted a bed like that. We went home at about half past five. Before we left home, we went to the shop and bought two bouncing putties and two fairy keyrings with mama's nick name and 'mummy's little girl' written on it.

I hope that kak Sawiyah gets better soon!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Next month we're going to Europe . I'm kind of not looking forward to it because next month is the opening of the project that me and a group of other children worked on. The project is making a short video with our drawings. The video is about superstitions and beliefs. They told us that they have to work with another school as well and we've done a lot of work so they told us that on April 2007 they're coming back and finishing off the video ready for the opening ceremony in St. Fagans. We're going to go in a limo and dropped off at St Fagans at the front of the red carpet and meet the Queen of England herself! There's a 0.01% chance of me going which dissapointed me a lot.

Anyways back to Europe. My family is really looking forward to it especially going to Switzerland. We're not just going to Switzerland or France, we're going around Europe. We were going to go to Europe this month but since my autie is coming ( Note: it's not mak et ) this month and she wants to go as well, we have to go to Europe on April. Coming back from Europe will make my birthday probably the worst birthday ever ( we're going to Europe on the 1st of April and coming back on the 31st of April my birthday ) because then there's never going to be a ceremony like that for me.